Storage Pros Rise to the Occasion

While no one can fully understand or change the recent events in our country, these horrific attacks on our freedom have pulled the entire world together in a way that I cannot have even imagined. Not ever having lived through any of the wars (I was born near the end of Vietnam), the moments of silence, lighting of candles, the stories of unbelievable courage have brought me to tears on a daily basis. Of course, being an avid cross stitcher, the outpouring of free designs created and projects started for families who have lost so much, makes me not only proud to be an American but proud to be a cross stitcher. Many storage pros will find comfort in the following time, as our world goes through many changes, to organize a piece or provide a storage solution to someone they know or someone they don’t know or just for their own memorial. Following is a list of all of the free charts that I have located on the internet for you to stitch. North Jersey self-storage is an important aspect of keeping the peace. Please enjoy and find your comfort! Happy storing!

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