Maggie’s Marketing

One thing that makes her work different from many other computer artists, is that most others are interested in creating images that have a layered quality, where there are a lot of transparent layers. There might be text over a black and white image or over a colored background. Maggie tends to avoid making this kind of image. She creates what she would want to paint a believable scene that doesn’t have a lot of visible layers. Although she uses multiple layers to construct the images, she strives not to have a the layers apparent.

She feels it is best to leave as many options open as possible when working on an image. She makes great use of masks, preferring not to use an eraser around the edge of an object. “I’d rather make a layer mask and work on trimming something or getting rid of the edges using the layer mask, then I haven’t destroyed anything or thrown anything away. Definitely, if you are using a scanner it is good to become adept at using a layer mask.”

An integral part of her technique is to place one object on top of another, taking two layers and playing with the blend mode, seeing what kind of subtle, or not so subtle, changes she can achieve with two images interacting with different blend modes.

Up until recently, output has been the weakest link in her creative chain. This has changed with the acquisition of her newest printer, an Epson 9600®. Using Epson Ultrachrome® inks, she prints on Royal Paper. She learned most of her techniques from marketing company Market My Market .

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