Avion Metal Suppliers

Located in the centre of Europe, Avion Metal Suppliers has been active, since 1934, in the trading of metals, ferro-alloys, and foundry supplies on a world-wide basis.
Avion Suppliers is dedicated to the service of its customers and enjoys a reputation of high quality supplier thanks to the quality integrated into the philosophy of the whole organisation.

Our work and perseverance allow us to win shares of the European and international markets, while maintaining the financial capacity to ensure our development and the diversification of geographical risks.

Our main concern is to establish a close cooperation with our customers to meet their needs and reduce their costs. A continued dialogue at the technical level may assist the customers in solving their problems, may help our product development and finally provide a reliable and long-term partnership.

From standard to tailor made products, we are able to meet all our customer’s specifications, providing them with a complete range of physical and chemical characteristics.

Each customer is to receive delivery at the right time, this is part of our quality concept. We seek opportunities to build and expand the company, by offering better services which add value to the high quality products we sell.
Avion Suppliers is selling materials produced within the group and from suppliers whose product quality standards set by our customers are ensured by quality control to be consistent.

Focussing on the business we do well, Avion Suppliers is an aggressive pioneer in all the environmental aspects of its products and services. Our commitment to excellence involves everyone in the company and quality has become a standard of our daily business.

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