How Much Should Catering Cost for an Event

Catering costs vary depending on what you’re willing to spend and what type of event you want to have.
However, the time saved from hiring an affordable catering company in frogbridge day camp as opposed to spending hours upon hours cooking meals for a 30-person party can be worth even more.
There is no set price tag for catering. You have to account for various things including the kinds of
ingredients you want. For instance, a full vegan meal would be more expensive than the typical meat
dish as the ingredients are much more pricey and the disk often takes more time and skill to complete.
The singular greatest indicator of cost is the guest list. Most catering companies charge per plate of food
they serve as opposed to a set price. This charge often includes the cost of the meal and the labor of
servers. While a typical price point is hard to come by, there are some sites that estimate what one
should expect to spend, per plate, at a catered event.
According to a Thumbtack analysis, the average cost of caterers per plate is between $20 to $80. Of
course, there are some that provide meals for as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $2530 per plate, but
these are outliers. The bell curve graph indicates that the overwhelming majority fall between the
former ranges. For wonderful spot for picnic and corporate events, visit
For some this might seem steep, but keep in mind that these people are spending countless hours
curating a menu that will hopefully make your guest happy. Not only that, but they then set up the food
and beverages and proceed to serve them accordingly. For a more buffet-style event they offer on-site
supervision of the food and refreshments and after the event must pack up everything. Good catering is
not cheap, but its definitely worth it.