Maggie’s Marketing

One thing that makes her work different from many other computer artists, is that most others are interested in creating images that have a layered quality, where there are a lot of transparent layers. There might be text over a black and white image or over a colored background. Maggie tends to avoid making this kind of image. She creates what she would want to paint a believable scene that doesn’t have a lot of visible layers. Although she uses multiple layers to construct the images, she strives not to have a the layers apparent.

She feels it is best to leave as many options open as possible when working on an image. She makes great use of masks, preferring not to use an eraser around the edge of an object. “I’d rather make a layer mask and work on trimming something or getting rid of the edges using the layer mask, then I haven’t destroyed anything or thrown anything away. Definitely, if you are using a scanner it is good to become adept at using a layer mask.”

An integral part of her technique is to place one object on top of another, taking two layers and playing with the blend mode, seeing what kind of subtle, or not so subtle, changes she can achieve with two images interacting with different blend modes.

Up until recently, output has been the weakest link in her creative chain. This has changed with the acquisition of her newest printer, an Epson 9600®. Using Epson Ultrachrome® inks, she prints on Royal Paper. She learned most of her techniques from marketing company Market My Market .

Real-World Photography

On location Jim uses the Leaf back on a motorized Hasselblad ELM system or the Fuji S2 digital SLR. In the studio he uses the Leaf Valeo 11 and 6, and the multi shot DCB2 on the Fuji GX680, one dedicated to each back. This allows him to have multiple sets going. Every camera has its own work station on a cart that can move around the studio. While multiple photographers are shooting, funneling their images into one network, a 2Ghz dual processor G5 Mac tower which is the main retouching station, he can sit there and do whatever retouching needs to be done, put the images into folders, in galleries, send them off to whatever clients need to view them. Or, if he’s working by himself, he can have multiple jobs going at once while checking out wedding photo booth rental companies in Lake Mary.

According to Jim, it is important to network with other photographers. “Photographers have had a tendency to not talk about their technique because they were afraid somebody would steal their client. When digital came out it got everybody talking. Commercial photographers began sharing a little more. The two to three people who are high end digital users in Atlanta talk all the time. We even share equipment. If something goes down I can go to Kevin Aames and borrow a camera, if something breaks on his end he can come to me. We share technique, because we become better as a whole.

“The two things I always recommend to people is find other people in your area that are Photoshop users or shoot with the type of camera that you do and try to meet once in awhile and trade ideas. And keep up with your professional associations such as WPPI, PPA, APA or ASMP. There’s one organization that takes everyone in, the National Association of Photoshop Professional. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Planning to Relocate a Business

Moving your business can be an overwhelming task. There are so many factors that have to be considered, carefully thought out, and planned in excruciating detail.

The most important factor that can make or break your relocation deals with queens self storage the timeliness and quality of communicationsthat you will have with both your employees and your customers. The rumor mill travels at warp speed, so it’s very important that everyone has an accurate understanding of what will occur and how it will affect them.

Address the move as early as possible by conducting frequent meetings with your employees. Employees want to know whether or not it will impact their jobs and customers want the reassurance of continued excellent service.

It is necessary to figure out who will be in charge of the move. The smaller the committee is…the better your final results will be. Get as much cooperation as possible. Announce the move early on as preparation takes plenty of time…..dates for reviewing competitive bids must be set, flow charts prepared, diagrams and blueprints must be drawn up, deadlines must be set and met and a checklist is absolutely essential.

You’ve already decided that moving your business is the right thing to do, so now it’s time to start the planning process. Get in touch with a state of the art self-storage facility today to begin your big move!

Reliable Medical Information

If you’re like a growing number of Americans – approximately 25.5 million, according to the New York Times – you’re increasingly turning to the Internet to find answers to your health and medical questions. And there seems to be no shortage of websites to surf, the Boston Globe reports, as there are an estimated 10,000 to 25,000 sites that offer health-related information. But one of the perils of the Internet is that it is unregulated, and Internet users can be exposed to dubious-even dangerous information. So how can you find a reputable site that provides reliable, credible information and how to become a security professional?

For starters, you can visit our hospital.

The HON (Health on the Net Foundation) outlines eight principles that medical and health websites should follow. Among them: supplying the author’s credentials; providing information to support, not replace, the patient/physician relationship; offering clear references to source data; and disclosure of commercial and noncommercial organizations that contribute funding to the website.

To ensure that these links are helpful to patients and the public, the NJ spine surgeon website is updated to respond to community requests and inquiries. Recently, for example, Callander received a request for information on eye diseases. Within a short amount of time, visitors to the website could link to two sites that provide information on eye disorders: the American Academy of

Ophthalmology and the Digital Journal of Ophthalmology.

In addition to Medical Links, the our Hospital website offers a Find a Doctor page with links to information on our medical and surgical specialists, an interactive town map, career and volunteer opportunities, health events, and classes.