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Trends In Wedding Photography

Some people are looking for something different and they need only look at recent trends in wedding photography or even wedding photo booths.  Some people don’t like the traditional “posed” pictures in wedding albums, and have turned to alternatives such as unposed candid photos, black and white photos, and photojournalism type shots. The photojournalism shots are usually more animated, and might show the bride and […]

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What Is Most Important to Me in a Plan?

In choosing a plan for a NJ spine surgeon, you have to decide what is most important to you. All plans have tradeoffs. Ask yourself these questions: How comprehensive do I want coverage of health care services to be? How do I feel about limits on my choice of doctors or hospitals? How do I feel about a primary care doctor referring me to specialists […]

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Hire an Architect?

How it turned out: How we would do things differently: Badly. The architect fees were estimated to be 3-5% of the cost of the project. However, we had just started this project and got a bill for $2000 and had not yet had anything remotely resembling working drawings. We actually liked this architect and found him to be very responsive as well as friendly. However, from […]

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